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Guide to playing Bandar Ceme Online

Hello How to play bookie online is not difficult, you only need to use strong instincts to win. And you don't need to think about various methods and strategies if you choose to become a city.

Guide to playing Bandar Ceme Online

Before starting to play bookie ceme online, there are a number of things that must be learned, including what is a player of city ceme, the cards used in the game city of ceme, rules of bookie city.

In this game the player can also be a dealer or an ordinary player. The card used in the bookie city is the domino card. Each dealer or player will be given two cards which have to be calculated the number of dots. The highest score in the city dealer is 9.

Playing dealer city is not difficult, you must first become a member of one of the online gambling sites that provide dealer city, then choose the city dealer.

There will be a choice of tables with bets that vary from the lowest to the highest. Make sure the selected betting table is still empty and you just have to choose a chair, but if you want to be a dealer you can also make your own room.

Before cards are dealt, all players must place their bets first then cards are dealt. How to determine the winner is to count the number of dots that exist on the card with the highest value of 9.

How to count cards if the number is more than 9, minus 10 and if more than 19 minus 20. For example, your card is 9 and 8, then the number is 9 + 8 = 17-10 = 7. So you have a value of 7.

if there are players who have more value than you then you lose. but if your card is the highest, then you are the winner. That's the guide on how to play bookie online.